An Alexa Robot: What’s Next from Data Recovery Amazon?

Amazon may be bringing the future to homes as early as next year. Domestic robots have long been the subject of sci-fi films and speculation, but it seems like Amazon is taking a shot at being able to be the first Data Recovery company to make it all happen. It’s not anything entirely new given that we already have the Roomba and various other robots such as the cloud-based Pepper. Still, we imagine that Amazon has other plans, especially considering that their robotics division has absolutely nothing to do with the project. 

Interestingly enough, Lab126—the division that’s running the Echo and Fire TV programs—is handling Amazon’s upcoming robot project. We already know that it’s going to be integrated with Alexa’s superpowers, so we know that some type of voice command action is going to be at play. Otherwise, Amazon has kept the project amazingly under wraps considering that it has a possible release date of 2019. 

The entire idea has sparked all sorts of theories as to what kind of robot Amazon’s will be. We could only surmise that it’s going to be somewhat mobile in order to bring Alexa to all corners of the home. Alexa is quite the problem solver already; but in order to get people more Facebook Data Recovery interested in this robot, it has to be able to do more than just answer questions. Most people are thinking along the lines of a multifunction robot that’s capable of performing basic commands such as fetching, opening, closing, picking, et cetera.

However, the reality of having a robot like Rosie, the Jetsons maid, is probably out of the question. Suppose we could only dream of a robot that could fold the laundry, do the dishes, or produce snacks as needed. We’ve not lost all hope for that yet. We’re anxiously waiting to see what Amazon’s got up their sleeves and definitely hoping to be pleasantly surprised with a robot that we might actually want to buy. 

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