How To Data Recovery Android Data Easily


There are several ways to recover Android Data Recovery through the use of various apps or programs. Sometimes you can mistakenly delete photos, videos or documents and instantly regret it, fearing for their loss.

Don’t worry though . On many occasions, when deleting a file from your Android, what is deleted is the information related to its location in the device’s memory. In such a case, the file is not completely deleted and as long as you don’t overwrite the memory space it occupies, you can Data Recovery it with the help of an application or program..

Programs and apps to recover Android data :

Disk digger : In order to recover files from internal memory, you will need to root your Android. After this, you can install an application like this. When you open it, you must select the place where the photos or videos you want to recover are located, pressing their format (JPG, PNG, MP4, etc.) and pressing the OK button. At the end of the search, select the files you want to recover, press the button in the form of a floppy disk and, in the window that opens, select Save selected files locally and choose the folder where you want to save them again.

Mobi Saver for Android : You will be able to recover the deleted files whether they were stored in the internal memory of your Android, or in the microSD card, and you must also have your device rooted. Install it on your PC -allowing the installation-, connect your Android to the computer with the USB Debugging function activated, which will allow Mobi Saver for Android to send the necessary commands for data recovery to your smartphone. 

After accepting the permissions, the app will carry out an hour of analysis and you will be able to recover the lost items by categories.  Click on the type of file you want to recover. In some of them you will see the icon of a garbage can, equivalent to that image has been deleted and its recovery is possible. Check the photo you want to recover and click the Wikipedia Recover button. Then, indicate a location on your computer where the recovered photo will be saved.

Undeleter :  With it, you can recover photos, videos, music, documents and files  by storing them directly in Dropbox or Google Drive. However the free version only retrieves images.

Hexa mob Recovery :  Allows you to recover deleted files even after formatting the internal or external memory of your device , because it looks for the deleted data in the lower levels of memory, although the recovery will depend on the state of the data blocks of the deleted files.

Dumpster Image & Video Restore :  This app allows you to recover deleted or lost data on Android phone. The software works like a Trash on the PC, in the sense that all the files that we delete will go to the program. It works well with videos and images, but also with documents, HTML files, and APK files . Files can be manually deleted from the program’s memory, or you can even set the software to automatically delete its memory after a time limit.

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