How To Data Recovery From A Broken Android Smartphone?


If despite our tutorials to learn how to debug and repair your Android Data Recovery smartphone, your smartphone still does not respond, be aware that there are many tips to preserve your personal files from the breakdown of your smartphone.

Recover Data from Smartphone to PC Using File Explorer :

  1. Connect your smartphone to a PC using a USB cable.
  2. After plugging it in, a Charging this device via USB notification appears on your smartphone. Select it to display more options.
  3. To allow your PC to display content from your smartphone, check the File transfer option
  4. A window opens automatically on your computer, it displays the storage directory of your smartphone. All you have to do is double-click on it and navigate through the folders to recover your files.

All-in-one software solution to Data Recovery from your damaged Android. Using it requires enabling USB debugging on your smartphone. Here are the steps to recover your data :

You can now choose the type of data you want to extract from your Android. Check the boxes that interest you and click on Start. The software then asks you to choose the type of failure concerning your device. Select the one that suits you.

On the next screen, select the device name as well as the device model corresponding to your smartphone. Be careful when doing this because entering the wrong device name may cause it to hang.

Next, put your Twitter Android into download mode. To do this, follow the 3 instructions on the next screen, namely turn off your smartphone, hold the buttons  and the power button.

After the scan is completed, you can preview your recovered files on the left column and download them by ticking the corresponding boxes. Once you have made your choice, click Recover .

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