How To Data Recovery From Unallocated Hard Drive?

An external storage drive becomes unallocated when its file system becomes corrupted. This happens when a virus damages the file system, or when the hard disk has bad sectors. The unallocated drive is not visible in File Explorer, but its status can be checked in Disk Management. 

Also, it is impossible to access all the Data Recovery stored on the unallocated drive. You need to fix the unallocated disk drive first to access this Data Recovery.

Methods to Fix Unallocated Hard Drive and Recover Data :

A. Enable the unallocated device using Device Manager :

  • Press the Windows key, then enter “computer management”. Press Enter to open the utility.
  • Go to System Tools > Device Manager .
  • In the “Device Manager” pane , expand the “Hard disks” node .
  • Right-click on the USB flash drive with the arrow pointing down and select “Enable Device”.

B. Convert Unallocated disk to RAW disk using Disk Management :

  • In the Computer Management utility, go to Storage > Disk Manager .
  • Right-click on the unallocated USB flash drive and select “New Simple Volume”.
  • In the “New Simple Volume Wizard” , click Next . Click Next again to specify the volume size.
  • Click Next to assign the highlighted drive letter.
  • Select “Do not format this volume” then click Next .
  • Click Finish. The Unallocated drive will now be converted to RAW drive and it will be visible in File Explorer without any storage size.

We hope this blog has helped you to recover your inaccessible Twitter data from unallocated hard drive . First, enable the unallocated disk drive using Disk Manager. Then convert the unallocated drive to RAW drive using Disk Manager. Once your drive is visible in File Explorer, you can use data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows to recover your lost data from RAW drive. Then format the RAW disk drive to create a new file system. Finally, restore the recovered files to the formatted hard drive.

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