Should I Attention To When Choosing A Data Recovery Company?


If you find yourself in a situation where you need data recovery, the company you choose should be reliable and offer guarantees. In most cases, it is only possible to recover data on the first try. Therefore, if you put your trust in a mediocre company, you may suffer permanent data loss. Here are some best practice tips to keep in mind when choosing a data recovery company.

Don’t Be Fooled By Apparent Customer Names :

Some of the data recovery companies claim to have worked with numerous high-profile companies. For some of them, it may be true. But let’s think about this: a FTSE100 company, do you really want to spread the word that you have lost large amounts of data? Probably not! Most high-profile companies don’t want a data loss situation to reach the public. Therefore, any company name appearing on a Data Recovery company website should be treated with caution!

Research :

When you’re refining your search, be sure to visit verification sites and forums. Both platforms will allow you to obtain direct information about the experience of other customers with the data recovery company in question. You should keep in mind that it is impossible to please everyone, which is why even the best data recovery companies receive a bad rating or two eventually. However, if the majority are positive, then you are probably in good hands!

You Get The Price You Pay!

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, in most cases it is only possible to recover Facebook data on the first try. So knowledge, ratings, recommendations, guarantees like “no data, no fee” and other free benefits like courier withdrawal should come before price. Some data recovery companies tempt potential clients with low price quotes, but once they have the devices their facility asks for more money to do the job and the device is not returned until the money is paid.

Some other companies offer low rates, but they do so because they don’t have the necessary technical expertise. Shipping our devices to companies like these can lead to further damage to the devices and dramatically reduce the chances of data recovery.

Data Recovery

Fundamental Questions To Ask :

Here are some key questions to consider when choosing a data recovery company.

  1. How long have they been in the data recovery industry?
  2. How much data have they successfully recovered?
  3. Do you have case study references?
  4. Can you retrieve customer data from custom storage systems?
  5. Do they operate within a secure clean room environment ?
  6. Do they have a secure online portal that allows customers to access recoverable files and track the status and progress of data recoveries?

Valuable Tips :

  • An experienced data recovery company does not charge up front.
  • Many companies offer a free or low-cost evaluation of data recovery work, which yields information on how many files can be recovered.
  • The more complex the job, the more expensive it will be, due to the time required to produce the recovery.
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