The Best Data Recovery From USB Drives And Flash Drives


Our data recovery success rate in USB drives and flash drives has been around 90% for a long time. Whether your data is unavailable for an unknown cause or you have accidentally damaged a USB drive mechanically, our team of Data Recovery experts are here to help.

  • To recover the data successfully , it is also necessary for the user to operate properly.
  • Here you will find  the approximate price according to the type of data recovery.

Common Causes of USB Flash Drive Part Data Loss :

  • damaged USB connector
  • USB disk electronic fault (faulty controller/firmware)
  • natural wear of the USB memory disk (defective memory cells)
  • accidentally deleted data, formatted drive
  • computer virus damage
  • natural event – fire, flood …
Data Recovery

What to do when you have problems with a USB flash drive :

  • Do not connect a ? mechanically damaged USB flash drive.
  • If the operating system does not detect the drive or wants to format, unplug the drive and do not reconnect it.
  • Do not use a USB flash drive that has been damaged, formatted or? otherwise damaged by the software, you may permanently damage the deleted Linkedin data by continuing to work with the USB flash drive.
  • Use our FREE Diagnosis.

Indicative price based on type of USB flash drive damage :

If you know what happened to the drive and are able to assess its status based on basic diagnostic data, then you can roughly determine the cost of any data recovery.

However, if you don’t know what kind of symptoms the drive has, or if the data is simply inaccessible, then it’s best to use our free diagnostics . We can also handle basic diagnostics over the phone.

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