Spectator comments

Spectator comments

Here are a few comments we have received from residents and spectators summing up their thoughts on the Olympic events which took place in Surrey.

If you’d like to give your feedback, please email us via the following address: olympic.cycling@surreycc.gov.uk

Spectator comments

“We truly felt privileged to be able to witness and to cheer on the 9 circuits from the men and 2 circuits from the ladies race. The atmosphere was electric!”

“I am thrilled that it has happened in my locality – this won’t happen again in my lifetime!” 

“We in Dorking really enjoyed the Olympic Torch Relay!  Best wishes”

“We went en famille with a picnic to see the Cycle Road Race at  Leatherhead park. Big crowds and two big screens in the park showing the whole race and things to entertain the children. As it went through we went to the road side to watch it. Good weather , great organisation – well done all!”

“I have been watching the cycling from the roadside in Esher and have been very impressed by the low key orderliness and organisation. Everything has gone very smoothly-to an onlooker. Thank you for the various newsletters you have distributed to local households to keep us informed throughout. Surrey County Council has excelled!”

“We watched the races and afterwards enjoyed a picnic lunch at the side of the road. The security on both days was excellent. What a memorable experience for two old age pensioners who have travelled from Spain especially for the Olympic Games experience in our own country!”
Pat and Derek 

“I do hope the rest of the country were as lucky as we are here in Surrey.”

“The local and national pride in delivering the event safely and with typical good humour even when the rain came was great to feel part of.”

Cyclist timings

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