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Saturday 21 September 2013

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Below are the answers to the questions we have frequently been asked. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for here or on our other webpages, please do no hesitate to contact us at tourofbritain@surreycc.gov.uk or via the Surrey County Council contact centre on 0300 200 1018.

Frequently asked questions

Why is The Tour of Britain coming to Surrey?

Hosting the final stage of the 2012 Tour of Britain in Surrey was phenomenal and attracted 225,000 spectators. This brought in a net £7.2m to the local economy and extensive locan, national and even global media coverage.

The Tour of Britain organisers were keen to bring the race back to the county due its stunning natural beauty, the technical challenge it presents to the riders and to help deliver a legacy from the London 2012 Games of more people cycling in Surrey and living healthy lifestyles.

The Tour of Britain is one of the major events within the international cycling season and a cornerstone of the British sporting calendar. Over 3.1 million people cycle in the UK each month with cycling now established as the nation’s third most popular sport and one of the fastest growing pastimes in Britain.

The Tour of Britain will be a great way of promoting our county to a global audience and boosting tourism. The Tour of Britain continues to get increased media exposure year on year. In 2012 it was broadcast for the first time live on tv.

Where will the race go through?

The race will begin at Epsom Downs Racecourse and finish on Guildford High Street in what is a unique uphill cobbled finish stretch.

A detailed map showing the route, estimated race times and the location of the Sprints and King of the Mountain hill climbs can be downloaded here.

Where can I watch the race?

Spectators will be able to watch the race anywhere along the 155km route. At Epsom Downs Racecourse there will be an opportunity to meet the riders as their team coaches arrive and at the finish there will be the chance to see the leading cyclists on the podium.

The nature of the race route will also allow for keen cyclists to watch the race in more than one location and get to the finish ahead of the race – details of a suggested cycle route for this will be available closer to the event.

When will the roads be closed?

There will be fixed road closures in place in Guildford town centre for the finish and on the hill climbs, details and maps of these can be found on the road closure page. There will be rolling road closures along the rest of the race route.

The rolling road closure system is enforced by the police and the National Escort Group – 62 motorbikes in all – who initiate and maintain the road closures as the race approaches. These motorbikes close the roads in front of the race, allowing it to pass through without interference from non-race traffic. Once the cyclists have all left an area, the roads will open again. In practice roads may be closed from ten minutes to twenty minutes, depending upon the terrain, weather and race location. Closed roads will not open until the final vehicle in the convoy (known as the `broom wagon´) has passed.

Will potholes on the route be fixed and if so will this divert money for road repairs away from other roads?

Surrey County Council is always investing in the resurfacing of the county’s roads and this is undertaken on a priority basis. The council will maintain the Tour of Britain route to a similar standard expected of our roads. Therefore, any necessary maintenance work will be carried out as normal.

How will parking be affected?

Parking restrictions will be in place for the final 8km of the race to ensure a clear path to the finish for the riders. Parking restrictions will also be in place in and around the finish location to provide parking for the event organisers’ and team’s vehicles. Other parking restrictions will be in areas where either the road is narrow or where a clear highway significantly benefits the riders and the race motorcade.

Details of all parking restrictions on the day of the race will be published as soon as they have been finalised.

Who will deal with any litter left behind?

District and borough councils will ensure that the roads are clean for the event and will also be responsible for any clean up required afterwards. Planning for this is currently underway.

Will emergency service vehicles have access while roads are closed?

The safety of residents and visitors is treated as an absolute priority. Emergency vehicles have priority over the race and should it be necessary, the race will be stopped or slowed down to allow access. The Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance Service are involved in the event management and planning of the race and there are clear communciation channels on the day of the race between these services and the race director and race vehicles.

Will businesses and people living on or near the roads that are closed have access?

The only fully closed roads for the race will be in the finish location area, in and around Guildford High Street. We have already begun conversations with businesses and residents here and details of the exact timings and locations of these road closures will be published as soon as they are finalised in June. There will be no access to these roads except for Tour of Britain vehicles and emergency service traffic within the times that will be set out

Who are the race organisers?

SweeetSpot, a Surrey based organisation, have successfully been delivering The Tour of Britain since its re-inception in 2004. SweetSpot also organise the Tour Series with a race in Woking forming a part of that programme. Surrey County Council are working with SweetSpot to coordinate the traffic management plan and event communication.