Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen

We have all been there – our precious android phones slipping from our pockets or from a careless friend’s hands, or just keeping it in the wrong place, only to have the screen shattered when you stand up on it in your haste. Once the screen is broken, staring at it for a long time and playing the blame game won’t do you or your data any good. 

The obvious question is – how do you recover data from android phone with broken screen? 

Fret not, as help is here. We have a step-by-step guide for you that will solve all your data issues in a jiffy. 

Read on. 

First off, get yourself an android data recovery program which is pertinent in recovering data from almost any type of damaged device – whether it is locked, dead or has a broken screen. You can retrieve all your files easily as the program supports multiple media formats. 

One tip here – do NOT use your phone once it gets damaged as that might overwrite the Facebook data and you might end up losing all your files for good. 

Now, here’s what you do once you download the data recovery software on your computer and launch it. 

1. Connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop. Click on ‘android broken data recovery’ option in the main interface. 

If your screen is shattered, or you have a black screen, then this option is ideal for you. 

2. Select the preferred file type from the broken phone recovery option. You can choose as many files as you want; it depends on the data format in your phone. All the categories are listed there. 

3. Now, you need to select the phone fault type. Here you can see two options – 1) touch cannot be used or cannot enter the system, and the second one, 2) broken screen or black screen. You will obviously go for the second option and then enter your smartphone model details. 

4. Check whether your android device is supported by clicking on ‘how to confirm the device model’. 

5. Follow the steps displayed on the interface to get your android phone into the download mode. There are three steps to follow. Hit the start button to activate the program. 

If your device fails to enter the download mode, then simply exit the download mode and choose the ‘fixed my bricked phone’ option from the main interface to resolve your issues. 

6. Once the program analyses your smartphone, it will do a deep scan of all your files store in your android and you will be able to preview them in a panel on the left by clicking on individual categories. 

7. Once you preview all your files and have made a mental list if what all you want to recover, you can mark them and select ‘recover’ to download all the files to your computer. You can then transfer them back to a new device, if you choose to. To to avoid such mishaps in the future, regularly backup your data and keep a copy of all personal files and details on an external hard drive, just in case you lose your phone. Your data is invaluable; the device is not.

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